Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell

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Jeffrey Edward Epstein


Born January 20, 1953

New York City, U.S.

Died August 10, 2019

(aged 66)

New York City, U.S.

Cause of death Suicide (official)

Murder (theorized)

Resting Place I.J. Morris Star of David Cemetery, Palm Beach, Florida

Jeffrey Epstein's Little Black Book Unredacted

Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Transcripts

Day 1

Ghislaine Maxwell Day 1 Court Transcript .pdf File

Day 2

The transcript for this day is missing from official sources.

Day 3

Ghislaine Maxwell Day 3 Court Transcript .pdf FIle

Day 4

Ghislaine Maxwell Day 4 Court Transcript .pdf File

Day 5

Ghislaine Maxwell Day 5 Court Transcript .pdf File

Day 6

Ghislaine Maxwell Day 6 Court Transcript .pdf File

Maxwell Trial Tracker (@TrackerTrial) Archive

10:18 PM - 21 Nov 2021[1]

We will be digging deeply into this account to see what we can find. Source:


Archive of Embbed:

10:18 PM - 21 Nov 2021[2]

Reddit user u/MaxwellHill is 99% likely to be Ghislaine Maxwell. That user posted nearly every day for 14 years up until Maxwell's arrest. Here is more evidence.
FExvhNvWQAMP9Zi.png FExvklFX0AMAKEz.png FExvtQnXsAQ8MZp.png

10/9:XX PM -21 Nov 2021[3]

Follow before they suppress me


(Assumed time and link; Information missing from the archive)

9:49 PM - 21 Nov 2021[4]

Epstein was trending on Twitter 30 minutes ago with over 30,000 tweets and now it’s gone. Suppression at its finest.

8:34 PM - 21 Nov 2021[5]

The truth will not be silenced

8:33 PM - 21 Nov 2021[6]

We will cover the details of the Maxwell trial that mainstream media refuses to cover. We are independent journalists that have not been corrupted by the elite politicians. Please follow our newsletter as this account may not make it through the night.


(Assumed Time; Information missing from archive)

8:18 PM - 21 Nov 2021[7]

Prince Andrew flew with Epstein and Maxwell to their Palm Beach house of horrors on May 12, 2000. Prince Andrew needs to answer very important questions on why he was there. A terrible look for the “royal” family.
FExUGojX0AcuYEJ.jpg FExUGogXIAgOA8S.jpg

8/7:XX PM - 21 Nov 2021[8]

Please follow my newsletter. This account may not make it through the night.


(Assumed time and link; Information missing from archives)

7:XX PM - 21 Nov 2021[8]


(Assumed time; Information missing from archives)

7:52 PM - 21 Nov 2021[8]

Bill Clinton flew all over the world with Epstein and Maxwell. 12 flights are recorded. Some dark secrets will be dropped during this very important trial. Stay tuned.
FExOVjnX0AcOzeJ.jpg FExOVjrWQAgo1bM.jpg FExOVjtWQAQVpPL.jpg

6:59 PM - 21 Nov 2021[9]

A recent photo of Ghislaine Maxwell emerged recently. She is shown with a black eye behind bars. It is of the upmost urgency to keep her safe so she doesn't "accidentally" kill herself.

6:19 PM - 21 Nov 2021[10]

Just a friendly photo of Bill Clinton shaking hands with Jeffrey Epstein while Ghislaine Maxwell smiles in the background. Nothing to see here.

6:10 PM - 21 Nov 2021[11]

Just going to say this now....Ghislaine Maxwell did not kill herself.


At this point in my archival, early in the morning of the 8th of December, the account was suspended by Twitter. This was my biggest worry and the main scope of this archival was to prevent this from happening. The rest of this archive from this point upwards is recovered from the Wayback Machine. The timezone in my direct archival was GMT, however, past this point it switches to PST, the timezone of the Wayback Machine (i assume). My previous links for the tweets are currently dead. The intent was to run them through, however that service was, and still is, at the time of writing, down.

1:52 AM · Nov 22, 2021[12]

@KevinSpacey @NaomiCampbell @BillClinton please tell the people what you know.

1:47 AM · Nov 22, 2021[13]

The people DEMAND that all flight logs of everyone who traveled on Jeffrey Epstein's four helicopters and three planes to be released. What we know so far is that Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey and Naomi Campbell have traveled on his jet. There is more, a lot more.

1:33 AM · Nov 22, 2021[14]

We will be detailing Maxwell's little black book of contacts in our newsletter. Please subscribe for all detailed updates and just incase Twitter decides to cancel me.


1:31 AM · Nov 22, 2021[15]

This is the 156-acre luxury compound Ghislaine Maxwell was hiding out at. It is owned by Scott Borgerson, a millionaire titan in the global shipping industry. Borgerson was a former lover of Maxwell. As a well known socialite, these high class financers are likely in panic mode.

12:07 AM · Nov 22, 2021[16]

The circumstances surrounding Jeffrey Epstein being put on suicide watch after an alleged attempt to take his own life are in dispute. Epstein told his lawyers he didn’t try to kill himself, he was attacked by a cellmate

Attached Video:

11:04 PM · Nov 21, 2021[17]

Maxwell’s little black book of contacts has the elite shaking with fear. Anyone who ever associated with Epstein is in this book. Powerful names will be dropped. Praying the defense doesn’t “accidentally” lose this damming evidence.

10:27 PM · Nov 21, 2021[18]

Ghislaine Maxwell's Lawyer Has Defended Terrorists, Murders and High Profile Ponzi Scheme Fraudsters

Retweeting: Jeffery Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell#9:45 PM · Nov 21, 2021

10:26 PM · Nov 21, 2021[19]

The original Island Boys.

9:45 PM · Nov 21, 2021[20]

Ghislaine Maxwell's Lawyer Has Defended Terrorists, Murders and High Profile Ponzi Scheme Fraudsters


8:46 PM · Nov 21, 2021[21]

The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial


8:45 PM · Nov 21, 2021[22]

Do you understand yet?

7:38 PM · Nov 21, 2021[23]

Already getting messages from people saying my tweets are being flagged as "not safe". High chance twitter censors me. Follow the newsletter if I get banned.


7:31 PM · Nov 21, 2021[24]

I'm calling it now. Maxwell will have a heart attack 30 days into the trial.

6:48 PM · Nov 21, 2021[25]

The likelihood of Maxwell dying during the trial is massively high.

7:28 PM · Nov 21, 2021[26]

There will be no public broadcasting of the Maxwell trial due to antiquated rules by the Federal Government. It is time to change these rules NOW! The people demand the truth to be heard. #broadcastMaxwell

6:37 PM · Nov 21, 2021[27]

Follow the trial here.


6:31 PM · Nov 21, 2021[28]

We are tracking the Ghislaine Maxwell trail.  All major media outlets are silent on it. Big names politicians are using their power within the media to silence the truth. This account will bring light and truth to the people. It’s now or never boys

2:01 PM · Nov 21, 2021[29]

10:49 PM · Nov 20, 2021[30]



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